Graphic Evidence has changed to Brandality, so when some videos make reference to Graphic Evidence, don't worry, it's still us.

Video Testimonial: YumChaa

Yumchaa is an award winning British company that curates the tastiest teas from around the world and produces signature blends with real fruit pieces, spices, edible flowers and other delicious ingredients. As well as selling online they have cafes and stores throughout London.

Video Testimonial: Panathlon

The Panathlon Challenge is a national charity that provides sporting opportunities for over 4,000 disabled young people each year. Panathlon has been benefiting young disadvantaged people since 1995 and approached Graphic Evidence to help it breathe new life into its branding and promotional material.

Video Testimonial: Launch

London based Launch required a brand identity update and refresh, and as Graphic Evidence and Launch have enjoyed working together on numerous creative projects for their clients (Tesco, Betty Crocker and BP to name a few) it was great to be brought on-board to work on Launch’s own new identity.