In 2003 a group of elite creatives were brought together to fight crimes against branding

Today, they are known as Brandality, a brand design agency who have made it their mission to engineer powerful branding, create beautiful packaging and engage our client’s customers with exceptional design.

What we do

We team bold thinking with perceptive insight and captivating design to craft brands that breakthrough the clutter, disrupt categories and influence behaviour.

We do this by focusing on your customers. The more we understand their needs, wants and behaviours the better we can build your brand’s personality to connect and inspire.


Brand Consultancy

Collaborating closely with our clients to define their brand’s personality, their customers and what kind of brand will engage them.

  • Brand Discovery & Strategy
    We delve into your world and define who you and your consumers are. We look at your marketplace, competitors, values and ambitions for your brand. From these insights, we build an effective brand strategy that our future branding activities are guided by. The brand discovery and strategy phases are important as they gather essential information, help to reach a common purpose and encourage buy-in from key decision makers.
  • Brand Research & Testing
    Great brands are built upon insight and are tested to ensure viability. Through a combination of internal expertise and external partnerships, we can undertake a variety of quantitative and qualitative research - such as consumer research, category reviews, packaging, brand and concept testing.
  • Brand Architecture
    Brand architecture is a strategy for creating a strong organisation of brands with a clear visual language and coordinated design. We help companies combine multiple brands to structure the way their master and sub-brands differentiate from each other, while in some instances having a common design characteristic.
  • Tone of Voice
    A successful brand isn’t just about design, it’s also how it sounds. A large part of a brand’s personality comes from the tone of copy used. We help our clients find their brand’s voice and set the tone for how they need to sound/read. With brands now requiring content across so many platforms, this is more important than ever.

Creative Services

Creative considered thinking is at the forefront of everything we do. For us, ordinary is not an option, everything we create must attract, engage and inspire.

  • Brand Identity Design
    A company's brand identity is its most valuable asset. It can be seen, heard, touched and felt. Creating a brand’s identity is essentially building a personality and requires a tried and tested process, an abundance of ingenuity, and oodles of Brandality - see what we did there. We create enticing brands that perfectly represent a product or company's personality. For us it’s not just about great design, it has to be the right kind of great.
  • Packaging Design
    Consumers are bombarded by choice and make decisions to purchase within a split second. How you use this moment to influence can be the difference between your success and failure. To stand out in a crowded marketplace, whether in-store or online, it is vital that your packaging design has an impact and clearly communicates key messages. Whether reinvigorating your current packaging design or a complete overhaul, we'll ensure you shine from the shelves and connect with your consumers.
  • Brand Naming
    Using a brand naming process we have refined over the last 15 years, we generate brand names that are memorable, engaging and conjure positive associations. The right name will inspire action and build loyalty; the wrong name will slow customer interest and counteract all marketing efforts. Choosing a brand name that is appropriate, inspiring and available is a tough but vital part of the branding process. Whether you’re naming a company, product or service, Brandality can help engineer a brand name that embodies your core values and sticks in the minds of your customers.
  • Point of Sale Design
    Making the most of promotional opportunities within the retail environment makes commercial sense. P.O.S. (point of sale) allows brands to engage consumers and entice them to purchase there and then. Its design needs to therefore be eye-catching and convey key brand messages.
  • Website Design
    We specialise in designing websites that need to be special and distinctive. So many websites look the same, made using prebuilt templates which creates a dull experience for visitors. We believe websites should be engineered specifically for the job with purpose and imagination, not from a regurgitated templates. Whether we’re designing a simple brochure website or global e-commerce store, each website is custom created to attract, engage and inspire your users.
  • Motion Graphics
    The world of branding is on the move. Brands can no longer stay static, they now have to come to life and integrate with video and moving imagery. For us here at Brandality how a brand’s assets such as logo and relating graphics can come to life through animation is an intrinsic part of our branding process.
  • Video & Photography
    It has been estimated that by the year 2020 over 80% of internet traffic will be video. If brands are not considering video as a means of communicating with their customers they’re already losing out.
  • Editorial Design
    Great editorial design, whether it’s a magazine, newsletter, advertorial or journal, can entice readers and bring content to life. Many of the Brandality team have worked as Art Directors and designers on some of the world’s most successful B2B and B2C magazines and newspapers. We can oversee every aspect of a publication’s production, from design to print. Whether launching a new magazine or helping with laying out a monthly newsletter, we ensure every page looks great and that production runs efficiently.

Production & Support

We don’t just deliver the creative and leave you hanging, we want to see your project succeed and help every step of the way.

  • Artworking
    With your design agreed on, our clever team of artworkers bring it to life. Creating templates, packaging variants and other touchpoints needed and ensuring quality is adhered to throughout the production process.
  • Print Management
    We help our clients source the perfect print supplier and liaise with them to ensure projects are completed to our high standards.
  • Visualisation & Prototyping
    Digital 3D and physical prototypes are a great way to visualise how your packaging is going to look and feel. It’s also a great tool to test in situ and use to gather feedback.
  • Ongoing Design Support
    Just because your project is complete doesn’t mean our relationship has to stop there - we’ll miss you too much. We’re a caring bunch and want to ensure your brand succeeds. Our talented team can help guide future marketing activities and design everything from brochures to digital email campaigns.
  • Brand Guidelines
    With your inspiring new branding in place, the next step is to manage its use. Great brand guidelines set the standards and guide consistency, ensuring your branding is strengthened and your values are communicated throughout. We provide our clients and their staff clear, easy to use tools and guidelines, covering all relevant aspects of branding, from colours and fonts to the tone of voice and positioning. Everything we propose in our brand guidelines has been devised to excel in real-life situations.

For us it’s not just about great design
it has to be the right kind of great… and with the right kind of people